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Dream Day First Home

After their marital adventures in Dream Day Wedding and Dream Day Honeymoon, newlyweds Jenny and Robert are ready to move into their first house together in Dream Day First Home, the next installment in story-driven Dream Day hidden object series.

Jenny and Robert back from their honeymoon and ready to make their first house into a home! As usual, they’ll need your help — from choosing the house to shopping and redecorating, to solving inevitable Homeowner Crisis’! Like a typical hidden object game, the goal is to search for a list of items hidden somewhere in scenes full of clutter and click on them before time runs out. In Dream Day First Home, the locations are the various rooms of Jenny and Robert’s new house, as well as home outfitting stores like Helen’s Fine Cookware and Susie’s Garden Oasis. Each room has a «before» and «after» scene, with the «before» scene depicting a work in progress and the «after» scene showing you what the room looks like after it’s been unpacked and set up properly.

Find your inner decorator with Dream Day First Home, a uniquely satisfying hidden object adventure!

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  • Mac OS: 10.5
  • 256 MB RAM
  • Processor 1 GHz

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