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Lost in the City

A cup of coffee at her apartment made him feel strange... After the first date with a charming girl named April, our hero wakes up alone in an unknown abandoned city after being drugged. He is trapped and believes this somehow involves April. But who is she in fact: a hunter or a victim?

Lost in the City is an excellent blend of casual hidden object gameplay and classic room escape adventuring. Steeped in mystery, you travel from room to room finding items, solving puzzles, deciphering riddles and completing simple mini-games as you unravel a particularly intriguing storyline filled with strange plot twists.

Explore the city while trying to investigate how April is involved. Help the hero survive in an atmosphere of drama and suspense. Are you Lost in the City?

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  • Mac OS 10.4
  • 256 MB RAM
  • Processor 800 MHz

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