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Princess Isabella: A Witch’s Curse

Princess Isabella is all set to marry the love of her dreams, Prince Adam. After returning home from a trip, however, she finds that an evil curse has been placed on her castle by a mysterious witch. The curse has placed evil in every room, and turned everyone inside the castle into mirrors! In Princess Isabella: A Witch’s Curse game you’re the only one left to remove the curse and restore your family.

You’ll have to remove the curse from every room of the castle in order to defeat the witch, and the castle is far from tiny. The requirements for cleansing vary from room to room. In one, you might have to restore a painting to its proper form by flipping switches in the correct sequence. In another, you may have to find all the ingredients for a stew to feed hungry ghosts. Several rooms require you to make a potion, which involves first collecting ingredients in a hidden object sequence, then playing a mini-game where you have to mix the ingredients in the fewest possible moves.

Follow a fairy friend as you piece together the clues and save your friends and family in Princess Isabella: A Witch’s Curse, a gorgeous hidden object game!

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  • Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5 (recommended)
  • 512 MB RAM
  • Processor 1.83 GHz

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