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10 Days To Save The World

You only have 10 Days to Save the World! The game starts two years after Diana and her sister found the mysterious amulet while hunting for artifacts, the Earth starts to experience a string of scary cataclysms, like flooding in Africa and drought in Venice.

Diana has a strange feeling that the amulet has something to do with the disasters, and sets out with her archaeologist father for clues about how she can stop the world from being destroyed. Travel around the globe as you help Diana track down her father and explore the mysteries of the timeless amulet in this exciting hidden object adventure. Good colorful graphics and great interactive scenes keep you engrossed with the story. You smash things with hammers to reveal other objects, power up your notebook by connecting a battery or fill up a petrol tank by combining a funnel and fuel. There are many mini games in 10 Days to Save the World where you assemble various items and the whole game is kept simple and fun with amusing tidbits of interactive puzzles.

Can you figure it out in time? Can you end the cataclysmic events and save the entire planet from destruction? You have only 10 days...

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  • Windows XP/Vista
  • DirectX 9.0
  • 256 MB RAM
  • Processor 1 GHz

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