Hidden object game review

Clear your way and discover the mystery of the girl’s disappearance. Magic Academy is an excellent choice for the hidden object games’ fans. The Academy seems to be in a complete mess. The papers, keys, and even mice are scattered all over the place. Not only the rooms look like there was a tornado, but also the library — a place where keeping order is a #1 rule.

The game has a well-developed story line. You start looking for Annie’s disappeared sister and meet different (sometimes rather strange behaving) characters. All of them are very talkative and more than willing to chat with you. Fortunately, you may skip the conversations and go straight to the action. None of the characters of Magic Academy game is eager to help you at once; they want you to something in return.

Unlike in many similar games the task is not limited to looking for the items on the list. Magic Academy also contains puzzles in which you’re to find objects by their shadows or to collect all items of the same kind (papers, bottles, and etc.). Sometimes it gets really tricky, so don’t hesitate to use tips. Having used the tip, you’ll have wait for the tip bar to fill again, so use help wisely. From time to time you have to assemble the drawing either by rotating the parts of it, or by swapping them. In other words, the game won’t let you get bored.

So, if you wish to enjoy excellent graphics, puzzling yet exciting gameplay, and surprisingly beautiful music, don’t waste time and download the Magic Academy.

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  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista
  • DirectX 7.0 or higher
  • 128 MB RAM
  • Processor 500 MHz or better

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