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Rescue at Rajini Island

Embark on Rescue at Rajini Island game — an epic adventure into the unknown as you search for Captain Walsh and his missing crew of adventurers; lost on an uncharted Island. Explore ancient ruins and search for evidence of a lost civilization. Gather diary entries from the crew and unscramble foreign symbols and engravings as you follow a path of clues ...but toward what answer?

The gameplay mainly involves finding hidden objects in one of three ways: the standard list of items to find, multiples of the same item types — often food or diary pages — and silhouettes. Most items have little to do with the story. On occasion, an item goes into inventory to use elsewhere, or you pick up the item on the scene and use it right away.

Rescue at Rajini Island comes with two modes: Relaxed and Expert. No clock ticks away while in Relaxed mode, and it gives you five hints instead of three given in Expert mode. You have 10 minutes to solve each scene in Expert mode.

Find out for yourself in Rescue at Rajini Island — true hidden object masterpiece!

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  • Windows XP/Vista
  • DirectX 6.0
  • 256 MB RAM
  • Processor 600 MHz

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