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She is a Shadow

In She is a Shadow, Hanna’s son has been kidnapped by an old employer that wants her to go back to her criminal life. Hanna used to be «The Shadow», a master thief, but she gave it all up when her husband was murdered.

Now it’s up to you to use her skills to survive long enough to free her son, figure out who killed her husband, and bring down the mob in this exciting hidden object game — She is a Shadow. Sounds easy enough when you’re... a Shadow!

Can Hanna find her son? Will she figure out who killed her husband? You can help her in She is a Shadow game!

Game features

  • Thief-centric minigames
  • Gripping storyline
  • Take down the mob
  • Exciting graphics
Game screenshot Game screenshot Game screenshot Game screenshot
Game video
  • Windows XP/Vista
  • DirectX 7.0
  • 128 MB RAM
  • Processor 600 MHz

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