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Sprill and Ritchie: Adventures in Time

Sprill and Ritchie are back in an all-new, time-tripping adventure that will tickle your funny bone as much as it teases your brain! Having escaped alien captivity in the Bermuda Triangle, Sprill must now survive his best friend’s outlandish experiments, which sends a temporal whirlwind ripping through time and mixing up items from different ages.

To set things right, you must help Sprill as he travels to ancient Egypt, the distant future and more, collecting everything that’s out of place and slowly discovering that his alien abductors might not be the goners he thought they were! Sprill and Ritchie: Adventures in Time is a classic hidden object game, but with a twist. Players are not limited to just finding objects, but also completing tasks. Every single object in the game has a purpose: unlike many hidden object games where you simply find a list of random items to continue, Sprill and Ritchie implements each and every task and item into the storyline of the game.

A hidden object title with a twist of adventure, Sprill and Ritchie: Adventures in Time features fun mini-games, animated characters and challenging gameplay!

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  • Windows XP/Vista
  • DirectX 7.0
  • 256 MB RAM
  • Processor 600 MHz

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