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The Dracula Files

The Dracula Files game starts with a brief synopsis of the climax of Bram Stoker’s Dracula novel, where Dracula is defeated by Jonathan and Mina Harker and vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing. Years pass, Jonathan and Mina’s descendants move to America, and the current generation of Harkers, siblings Michael and Quinn, doesn’t think Dracula is anything more than a fairytale.

That is, until their parents are killed in a hotel fire and they come across a mysterious note saying that if Dracula should ever rise again, they should contact the Van Helsings in The Dracula Files game. Meanwhile, a friend of Michael and Quinn’s, a reporter named Mark, is investigating the disappearance of tourists in Napa Valley near the Draco Winery, which is run by a mysterious pointy-toothed fellow named Vladimir Draco.

Search haunted cemeteries and forbidding Transylvanian forests for the keys to ending Dracula’s reign forever! Contend with fiendishly clever mini-games and puzzles in your hunt for the vampire! Drink in the cinematic storyline as Dracula’s dark plan unfolds in The Dracula Files game!

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  • Windows XP/Vista
  • DirectX 7.0
  • 512 MB RAM
  • Processor 1 GHz

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